Prairie Wildflower Tour

Fridays, once a month, times vary.

Join us for an evening on a prairie wildflower tour. From the elevated view of a hayride we will explore the sights and sounds of the transforming prairie landscape. With the aid of a powerful spotlight your expert guides will interpret the prairies beauty, wildlife and ecology. Sightings may also include deer, owls, armadillo, rabbits and raccoons. (Bring your own drinks and/or snacks.)

Check the Calendar for upcoming scheduled Prairie Wildflower Tours

Check the Calendar for current dates and times

Reservations: Reservations are required by phone or in person and payment is required at the time of reservation. We take no reservations by email.

Ages: 6 - adult
An adult must accompany children under 18.
Fee: $8 adults, $6 children & seniors
Members receive a Discount