Armand Bayou Nature Center

A Non-Profit Organization
Annual Special Events & Programs

Year round, there are many ways to reconnect with nature and your Armand Bayou Nature Center community. Join us every first and third Sundays of the month to learn about the role ABNC plays in our environment through nature related programs.  During the summer and winter school breaks, send your children ages 4 - 13 to our outdoor nature EcoCamp. Assist us in Prairie Pandemonium, a community based prairie restoration project . Lastly, help us celebrate the harvest season at the Martyn Farm Harvest Festival. As always your membership greatly supports the conservation efforts, programs and outreach of ABNC. Please follow the menu to the left for detailed information on any of these events.

Sundays in Nature

 Sundays in Nature underwritten by Chevron Phillips Chemical Company is a FREE program designed to inspire families to open the door, get outside and to foster an appreciation for ABNC and our natural world. Join us every First and Third Sunday of the Month for a guided adventure to further our mission of connecting people to nature.  


A daily dose of the outdoors improves children's physical, mental and emotional well-being. The benefits of outdoor play are real: healthier kids with a life-long appreciation of wildlife and nature. It's time to trade some screen time for green time. EcoCamp is helping to make that happen with programs that bring children closer to the natural world. These camps provide meaningful experiences that touch their hearts and build a sense of conservation stewardship. EcoCamp is a day camp for 4 to 13 year olds which may include fishing, seining, and canoe rides and exciting activities and learning opportunities using Armand Bayou Nature Center as a living laboratory. Go to the Winter EcoCamp or Summer EcoCamp page for the latest information.

Prairie Pandemonium

In October, help ABNC restore the tallgrass prairies, a critical native habitat. As a part of ongoing restoration work, up to 2000 potted native grasses have been propagated at the Nature Center for transplantation into the prairie preserve. We need your help to plant them! This important effort will give the ABNC prairies a jump-start to a native state of abundant wildflowers and tall grasses.

Martyn Farm Harvest Festival

This event celebrates farm life around the time period 1895 - 1910. In so doing, ABNC highlights crafts, products and activities that played an important role in the life of a Gulf Coast farm family. After the hard work of harvest, farm families enjoyed many forms of entertainment. The Harvest Festival includes music and dancing, along with pie-eating contests, cupcake walks, farm animals and wagon rides. Crafts from a bygone era will be demonstrated by quilters, spinners, wood carvers, blacksmiths and more. The children will want to stay all day to try their hand at old-fashioned games and scarecrow stuffing, rope making and candle making. For the adults, the General Store will be a potpourri of delicious homemade jams and jellies in addition to other types of food, handmade soaps, hand-dyed yarn, and woolen gifts. Mark your calendar for this 2 day event in November. 

Trash Bash

Every March, thousands of people in the Houston/Galveston area gather to clean tons of trash from our waterways. The mission of Trash Bash is: To promote environmental stewardship of our watershed through public education by utilizing hands-on educational tools and by developing partnerships between environmental, governmental, and private organizations. Help keep Armand Bayou clean by picking up trash as you canoe along this beautiful waterway. Visit or call 281 486-9500 for more information.