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Winter EcoCamp - For Ages 11-15

Session 2 only:  Dec 27 - 30, 2016 

Expedition Apocalypse - Full Day 8:30 - 3:30pm

What would you do if the world as you know it, ended? Expedition Apocalypse is designed to be a collision course of practical survival skills and traditional living skills. Your teen will be immersed in exciting activities and adventures that will simulate survival situation and add valuable skills like teamwork, critical thinking, and perseverance to their skill sets. End of the world? Not for us!

Fee:  Members - $185 Full Day 

          Non-Members - $225 Full Day

Call the Education Department at 713 274 2668/2667 for registration, questions or concerns. 

Winter EcoCamp - For Ages 3-13 

Session 1 - Dec 19 - Dec 22, 2016

Session 1a - AM 8:30-11:30 Ninjas of the Wilderness

Ninjas of the Wilderness will explore the plants and animals of ABNC. Learn to move quietly in the wild, read tracks of potential predators and hunt for food!

Session 1b - PM 12:30-3:30 Creative Nature Odyssey

Have fun creating crafts, engaging in scientific exploration while understanding the connection between nature and us.  Let the adventure begin!

Session 2 - Dec 27 - Dec 30, 2016

Session 2a - AM 8:30-11:30 Reptiles Rock!

Whether it slithers or scampers, this camp is about all things reptile! Make a craft, see a live demonstration and visit with our baby alligators!

Session 2b - PM 12:30-3:30 On the Frontier

Pretend living on the ABNC Frontier.  Invent games, create toys and play relay races. Make crafts of the 1800’s.  Campers in this session will be cooking over an open fire.

Choose either half day (AM or PM) or full day.

There is a supervised lunch between the AM and PM sessions.

All Campers will:

  • Explore nature, science and art in an outdoor learning environment.
  • Fish and Canoe (weather permitting) on Mays pond.

Call the Education Department at 713 274 2668/2667 for registration, questions or concerns.

Winter EcoCamp registration is open now!

Cost per half day (AM or PM) for 4 days -  Members $100 and Non Members $120

Cost for 4 full days                               Members $200 and Non Members $240

($25 cancellation fee per registration) 

EcoCamp 1 and EcoCamp 2 are independent of each other and there is an AM and PM session with each camp.