Wetland Protection

If you live in the Armand Bayou watershed or other watersheds, you and your families impact wetlands through your daily lives. Anything we put on the ground, down the drain or in the storm sewer could eventually find its way to a wetland and impact the quality of that wetland. These are some choices you and your family can make to reduce your impact to wetlands:

Be Wetlands Wise

Learn about where wetlands in your area are, threats to these wetlands and programs available to protect and create wetlands.

Talk Wetlands

Teach others about wetlands and their important roles in nature.

Be a Wetlands Friend

Volunteer at wetlands preserves, help clean up and restore wetlands during events such as Trash Bash and Marsh Mania.

Do Not Dump

Do not dump anything down a storm water drain.


Recycle grass clippings by mulching them as you mow and leaving the clippings on the grass or compost the clippings.

Have a Water Smart Yard

Use plants and landscaping that reduce the need for watering, fertilizer and pesticides.

Support ABNC

ABNC's mission is to preserve its wetland habitats and to educate people of the importance of these habitats. Become an ABNC member and/or volunteer.


Wetlands are one of the most productive habitats in the world. Different kinds of wetlands play different important roles. The ABNC wetlands and other wetlands along the Gulf Coast play these roles: erosion control, flood buffers, nurseries for birds, fish and shell fish, recreation area, improve water quality and wildlife habitat.

Wetlands are also one of the most endangered habitats in the world. ABNC is a complex of habitats, many of which stay wet through out all or part of the year.� Everyone living in the Houston area can have a positive (or negative) impact on wetlands. We hope this wetlands curriculum and activities will make your impact a positive one.